We Install High Mountain Conditioned Roof Systems, why we also enjoy exploring the High Peaks of our Great State.

Hello! I am Richard Acerra, Founder and CEO of Aspen Roofing Contractors. 

I have been in the Roofing Industry Since the Summer of 1982, learning my business under the training of a mentor. Under their guidance, I learned the quality it takes to build a great project.

This experience led me to shift to a full-time career in roofing in 1985 to the present. I have had the rolls of the fieldworker, foreman, and project manager, and have worked on many of our US Government Properties, I worked with the Manhattan Port Authority of NY, NJ, and PA and the Sandy Hook New Jersey Historical Society. I worked in Manhattan doing the Structural Restoration on Historic buildings. In 2010, I moved out west to live in Colorado and began my life in the Roaring Fork Valley in 2011. I personally run every project and you will see me daily on your project, passing down the skills, working knowledge and understanding I have to my team.

I hope to hear from you, with any issue that arises, as we pride ourselves on in-house construction of all aspects. 

  • Carpentry 
  • Mansonairy Repairs
  • Roofing – All Systemes Available on the Market 
  • Waterproofing
  • Skylights
  • Historic Restorations

What People Say

We hired Richard to replace our shingle roof with a clip on architectural metal roof. Our roof is curved and it needed a redesign to fix a creaking problem that we had. Despite the very high cost that Richard quoted us for rebuilding our roof and refinishing it with architectural metal, we hired Richard without […]

Tali Landsman

We had been concerned about loud cracking noises our roof was making, especially as the sun rose and set. We were pretty sure it was from rapid expansion and contraction, but we could not find anyone who could come up with a solution. This summer, we were lucky to find Rich through an internet search. […]

Jules Landsman

Rich helped me over the past month to not only replace my roof in a timely fashion, but made some significant repairs to my deck as well. He has a vast knowledge of all your roofing and general contracting needs, and exemplifies everything one would want/expect from their contractor. Communication is one of the biggest […]

Philip Hammond

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